Discover Convenient Online Banking with EasyWeb

Get instant access to all your TD accounts in a few clicks. Our TD online banking platform allows you to review and manage your accounts and finances in real time, anytime. From paying bills to adding or changing accounts, you can do it all easily and securely with EasyWeb.

What you'll love about EasyWeb

  • 安全

    With layers of security, all your transactions and personal information are kept safe and secure.

  • 方便

    Easily manage your accounts and get your everyday banking done online from anywhere, any time.

  • 靈活性

    Online banking that always fits your schedule, so you can do more of what matters to you.

Unlock the power of Online Banking

  • Pay your Canadian bills securely and quickly online1. Also, view payment history and manage your payee list electronically with ease.
  • Transfer money internationally to over 200 countries and territories2 from wherever you are with EasyWeb.
  • 易線網上理財查看支票服務

    View, print and save a copy of cheques that have cleared through your Canadian or U.S. accounts in the past 90 days.3
  • 添加和更改賬戶


Digital Banking Guides

Whether you're new to online banking or just new to our TD platform, we've got step-by-step Digital Banking tutorials to help you learn how to navigate the services and features on EasyWeb.

EasyWeb Security Features

Our priority is keeping your data secure for online banking, with safety features including:

  • Online Communication policy: We'll never ask for PINs, passwords or other personal information.
  • Two Step Verification: You may be asked to confirm your identity with a custom security code.
  • Fraud reimbursement: You're protected by the TD Online and Mobile Security Guarantee1.


  • Login from our home page or the EasyWeb Login page. 
  • If you haven't yet registered for EasyWeb, you can do so easily from the Registration page. 
  • Learn what to do if this is your first time logging in to EasyWeb. 
  • Enter your Username or Access Card number, your Password and select the Login button. 


  • Do not use spaces or dashes when entering your Access Card number 
  • If you have multiple Access Cards, try a different card because it’s possible the card you are trying to login with has not yet been activated or registered 
  • 如果您收到補發的易通卡,請使用其卡號登入
  • Double check your Username or Access Card number and Password to make sure you’ve entered them correctly 
  • 請勿輸入您易通卡上長度較短的6位數(589297)

You can try to reset your password

  • Enter your Username or Access Card number. Do not enter spaces or dashes.
  • 請勿輸入您易通卡上長度較短的6位數(589297)。
  • In the Password field, enter the Password you created when you registered online, or the Temporary password you received from a branch or a telephone banking specialist. Then select the Login button.
  • This will take you to our Two-Step verification setup process where you create your new password. You will also set up a phone number to receive security codes, and an email address for receiving security alerts and selecting a login option.
  • 在 [新密碼] (New password) 欄位中,輸入您的新密碼。
  • Re-enter your new password in the Confirm new password field and select ”Submit”.

From the EasyWeb login screen: 

  • Select Forgot your Username or Password? 
  • Select I forgot my password 
  • Enter your Username or Access Card # 
  • Verify your identity using Two-Step Verification 
  • On the Create Password page, enter your new password in the New password field 
  • Re-type your password in the Confirm new password field 

在TD App登入頁面:

  • Select Forgot Password? link 
  • 按照說明操作


  • 選擇左側的[個人資料和設置]
  • 選擇[密碼與安全性]
  • Under the Password option, select the pencil icon and complete the fields.


  • 為加強保護,您的新密碼不能與舊密碼相同。
  • 密碼必須至少包含一個字母、一個數字,且長度為8-32個字符。為提高密碼強度,請在密碼中加上大小寫字母和特殊字符。
  • 您的密碼必須是唯一的。記住密碼,不要透露給其他人
  • 請避免使用與您的身份相關的姓名、日期或數字(例如生日、姓氏、寵物、街道)
  • 使用與您其他的銀行、電郵和社交媒體賬戶不同的密碼。定期更改密碼(最好每90天更改一次)



Protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of our client's personal information is fundamental to the way TD Canada Trust does business. EasyWeb is a fully secure site, and account information is protected by a number of different security protocols. These measures include firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the confidentiality of account information and the integrity of transactions.

In addition, we have the Online Security Guarantee, which will reimburse you should your account be compromised.  

If you feel your account has been compromised in any way, please call EasyLine telephone banking immediately at 1-800-387-2828

We have designed a number of simple navigation buttons to guide you seamlessly through your transactions in EasyWeb. 

There is a main navigation bar displayed horizontally across the top of your screen. Each option from this 'top nav' carries with it a second horizontal navigation bar.

When an option is selected from the second horizontal navigation bar, the vertical sub-menu on the left (the 'left nav') will also change. Select a function from the vertical left sub-menu and follow the instructions to complete your request.

You are also able to navigate through EasyWeb using My Links, which allow you to access your most frequently used EasyWeb functions with one click.


There may be a variety of reasons why you can not register for EasyWeb online. Examples may include the environment of your computer, workstation, or network, certain details of your TD account relationship, an EasyWeb system update, and others.

If you get an error message while trying to register online for EasyWeb please call us at 1-800-387-2828 and a member of our team will be happy to set up EasyWeb with you.

To deactivate your digital credentials on the TD app and EasyWeb – call EasyLine telephone banking or you can visit your local TD Canada Trust branch. 

You will still have access to your bank accounts through EasyLine, ATM and in-branch. 

Call EasyLine: 

English: 1-800-387-2828 

French: 1-800-895-4463 

Visit your local TD Canada Trust branch: 


Before deactivating your digital credentials, you may want to see what you might be missing by deactivating. Check out our TD online banking features to get a full understanding of the benefits of banking digitally with TD.