How to view or cancel payments on the TD app

Managing your bills is straightforward on the TD app. You can view your bill payments, cancel a scheduled payment, and cancel a payment you made on the same day. This tutorial will guide you through the steps.

In this tutorial we'll learn to:

1. View bill payments
2. Cancel a scheduled payment
3. Cancel an in progress payment
4. 檢查並確認
5. 查看確認

請見下方的詳細説明。 If you're looking to use EasyWeb online banking, see EasyWeb tutorial.


Login to the TD app and then go to the slide out menu.

Scroll down to Bills.

Please note: Your menu screen might look different from this example.

You'll see your payment activity which displays your last 3 completed or scheduled payments.

Simply select the scheduled payment you wish to review. 

To display all your scheduled payments, select View All.

Step 2: Cancel a scheduled payment

Scroll down your payment activity list and select the one you wish to cancel. This automatically cancels any future payments as well.

Step 3: Cancel an in progress payment

Again, scroll down your list and search for any bill with an "In progress" status.

Please note: You can cancel a payment anytime on the day it was made until 11.59 PM ET. After that time, you'll need to contact the merchant and discuss your options.


Do a quick, final check of the payment you're cancelling, then when you're ready select Cancel Bill Payment at the bottom of your screen.

Next, select Cancel to confirm your cancellation.


You'll receive a confirmation for your records.

From here, you can go back to the TD app home screen and pay a bill, view your bills or schedule new payments.