Apply online by May 28, 2023 and earn 10% Cash Back on all Purchases for the first 3 months2 up to a total spend of $2,000.

  • 簽賬額滿$2,000後,之後的$3,500簽賬額在3個月內可繼續享有6%回贈(包括加油站、超級市場簽賬和預先授權付款)。
  • Plus, no Annual Fee2 for the first year for the Primary and Additional Cardholders.



  • 每次合資格簽賬均可賺取現金回贈獎金。
  • Emergency Road Services with Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership18.
  • Complimentary Visa Infinite* Concierge service8 available 24/7.
  • 於參與計劃的Starbucks®分店賺取額外50%星星。相關條款適用。 了解更多
  • Mobile Device Insurance17.


  • 賺取3%現金回贈

    Earn 3% in Cash Back Dollars on eligible grocery Purchases and gas Purchases3, and on regularly recurring bill payments4 set up on your account.

  • 賺取1%現金回贈

    Earn 1% Cash Back Dollars on all other Purchases made with your Card5

  • 隨時兌換

    Redeem your Cash Back Dollars to help pay down your Accounts balance whenever you please - the choice is yours6!

  • 現金回贈獎金不設有效期限



  • Complimentary Visa Infinite Concierge8: On-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visa無限禮賓服務可滿足持卡人大大小小的各種要求,無論您在何時旅行、購物和使用信用卡,均可讓您充分享受美好時光。加拿大和美國免費電話:1-888-853-4458 加拿大和美國境外電話:1-630-350-4545。
  • Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection9: Receive seven exclusive benefits when you book your stay through the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection featuring over 900 of the world’s most intriguing properties.
  • Visa Infinite Dining Series9: As a Visa Infinite Cardholder, you have access to exclusive gourmet events that cater to your astute tastes.Visa Infinite餐飲系列提供一流的廚師和著名的葡萄酒,讓您盡情探索美食。
  • Visa Infinite Wine Country Program9: Show your Visa Infinite card onsite and you can experience exclusive benefits at over 95 participating wineries in British Columbia, Ontario and Sonoma Valley including discounts on wine purchases, complimentary tastings, private vineyard tours and much more.
  • Visa Infinite Entertainment Access9: Get exclusive access to tickets to curated events across Canada throughout the year.Visa無限卡持卡人還可尊享多倫多國際電影節獨家禮遇、特權和優惠
  • Visa Infinite Troon Golf9: Receive elevated Troon Rewards® Silver Status at over 95 courses and 10% off on green fees, merchandise and lessons at participating Troon Rewards golf courses.

  • Free Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership18 - Deluxe TD Auto Club membership is included at no charge with the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card. You'll be covered 24 hours a day with Emergency Road Services in case something goes wrong when you are out on the road.
  • Save with Avis Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car - Use your Canadian TD Credit Card to save a minimum of 10% off the lowest available base rates1011 in Canada and the U.S., and a minimum of 5% off the lowest available base rates1011 internationally, on qualifying car rentals at participating Avis and Budget locations.
  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance13 - Use your Canadian TD Credit Card to charge the full cost of a car rental to get the Collision/Loss Damage coverage at no additional cost.

  • Travel Medical Insurance7 - Up to $2 million of coverage for the first 10 days. 如您和配偶年齡為65歲或以上,則旅途首4天可獲得保險。另可提供追加保額保險。
  • Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance13 - Up to $1,000 overall coverage per insured person toward the purchase of essentials such as clothes and toiletries if your baggage is delayed more than 6 hours or lost.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance Services14 - Help is just a call away. 旅行中如遇到緊急狀況可撥打免費電話尋求協助。
  • 查看您的TD信用卡旅行保險權益 - 使用我們的信用卡旅行保險驗證工具,了解您的TD信用卡提供哪些旅行保險權益。


  • Earn big rewards on the little things - Earn 50% more Stars at participating Starbucks® stores. Simply link your TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card to your Starbucks® Rewards account. 相關條款適用。 了解更多
  • TD Payment Plans - Easily turn purchases of $100 or more into manageable 6, 12 or 18 month Payment Plans. Conditions apply. 了解更多
  • Use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted - These Digital Wallets are accepted in a growing number of shops, restaurants, and other retailers, making it convenient and easy to use for everyday business payments with just a tap of your device.

  • Chip & PIN technology - TD Visa* Cards with Chip and PIN technology provide an added level of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection15 - You automatically have access to Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection, which includes coverage for most eligible new items you’ve purchased with your Card, should they be stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase.
  • Mobile Device Insurance17 - Up to $1,000 of coverage in the event of loss, theft, accidental damage, or mechanical breakdown for eligible mobile devices
  • Visa Secure*
    Visa Secure旨在為您提高網上購物的安全性和便捷性。
  • 即時提醒。道明詐欺提醒服務為您帶來更多便利:
    如果我們懷疑您的TD現金回贈Visa*無限卡或您賬戶中的任何附屬卡出現可疑活動,您現可隨時透過手機自動收到TD詐欺提醒。只需在道明客戶資料中填寫您目前使用的手機號碼即可。 了解更多
  • Click to Pay
    使用TD Visa卡線上付款簡單、智慧且安全。當您看到接收Visa付款的圖標 ( ) ,只需按一下即可使用您的TD Visa進行支付。
  • 在TD App中管理您的信用卡
    設定交易限額、阻止國外消費或鎖定您的信用卡。 了解更多


如果您想要豐厚的現金回贈獎勵以及旅行和汽車優惠,那麼TD現金回贈Visa無限卡可能是您的最佳選擇。 It comes with an earn rate of 3% Cash Back on eligible grocery Purchases and gas Purchases3, and on regularly recurring bill payments4 set up on your account. You also earn 1% Cash Back on all other Purchases5. This card has travel benefits such as Travel Medical Insurance9 as well as automotive benefits such as Emergency Road Services with the Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership7.


使用TD現金回贈Visa無限卡,您可以通過日常簽賬和週期性賬單付款賺取現金回贈獎金。 Using this card for everyday purchases will earn you 1% Cash Back on each dollar spent5. You can also use this card at grocery stores, gas stations3 or to pay recurring bills4 like insurance premiums, subscriptions and mobile phone bills to earn 3% Cash Back on each dollar spent.